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Customized Tour

In addition to our golf packages (Golf & Wine, Golf & Castles, Golf in Normandy, Golf in Provence French Riviera, etc) you may wish a combination of several packages.

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Golf Cruises

Experience a classic river cruise on a barge or a first class cruise aboard luxury yachts and play outstanding golf courses 

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Golf and Castles

France Golf Tours has designed a royal experience. You will explore the history of the 16th century castles, golf courses and gastronomy in the Loire Valley. 

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Golf Wine & Gastronomy

Blend your golf to a glass of wine with authentic French Cuisine

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Luxury Collection

Luxury 5 star properties, outstanding golf courses and first class service

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Ladies Golf

A wonderful week in France dedicated to Golf, Cooking, Fashion & Art. Discover the French Cuisine and visit the Historical castles of France

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Veteran Golf

A golf trip of remembrance. Discover with our guides the sites of the dramatic battles of the Great War (World War I) in Somme, and World War II in Normandy.

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