Wine Class in Paris

Follow the footsteps of Bacchus and discover the secrets of wines with our sommelier

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Wine class at Paris Wine Museum

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Wine Tasting classes take place in the vaulted cellars of the Wine Museum located in the heart of Paris. The Wine Museum is a former Monastery dating back from the 15th century where Monks used to store in the cellars the wine they produced from local vineyards.
In a warm and family atmosphere, our team of wine expert invites you to discover the delights of wine tasting and enter into the magical world of the wine in a playful and pleasant way.
Learn sensory analysis, tools for tasting, wine vocabulary, basics to taste. 

Discover a French vineyard, Territory and it's particularity, Wine's designation of origin or wine accorded to cheeses.
Tasting and explanation of 5 wines on every specific wine tasting classes.
The wine class will start with a visit of the Wine Museum in Paris .
2 hours class, 5 wines tasted (2 white wines, 3 red wines). From 75€ per person.
Each wine class can be tailor made according to number of participants, duration and level.

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